Have you ever wondered why yacht tenders aren’t as versatile or
reliable as your family saloon car? Or questioned why more yacht
tenders aren’t battery powered? Boasting automotive design,
engineering and quality control standards, Vaquita is iAqua’s
disruptive answer to these fundamental questions.

Not only is our electric tender quiet, fast, and emission free, but by
incorporating the latest battery technology, it is surprisingly light

With the added bonus of flexible seating and loading
configurations, Vaquita lets you have your cake and eat it.


Jet surfboards are all the rage at the moment. They offer a sense
of freedom and visceral speed, combined with the rewarding
technique and skill of surfing, yet without the need for endless
hours of paddling for the next wave.

Electric surfboards tend to be heavy and unwieldy, however,
iAqua’s Marlin jet-board uses a unique lightweight cell matrix that
equals the performance of a petrol powered jet, but without the
noise, emissions and unreliability associated with conventional
marine jet motors.


Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) have been a mainstay of leisure
and technical diving for many years, but are generally slow,
expensive or heavy; they often have the added problem of
requiring both hands for control.

iAqua’s Remora has been designed to specifically overcome
these disadvantages. It is a compact, tank-mounted propulsion
device that uses two small, high-power water-jets, and built in
Li-ion batteries. Remora can propel scuba divers to speeds
exceeding 10km/h for up to 3 hours. It is operated using our
intuitive remote control, which has the benefit of leaving both
hands free. Remora has all the features to deliver the most
sublime diving experience.