Sharks are opportunistic by nature and will naturally single out any food source that appears easy to exploit. No-where is a shark’s opportunistic behaviour more apparent than when fishing. It’s well known among both the commercial and recreational fishing communities that a struggling fish is irresistible to sharks.

The FISH01 is the world’s first and only proven effective long-range shark deterrent system. Consisting of electrodes which create a three-dimensional electric field when submerged underwater- the FISH01 targets the shark’s electrical receptors and causes spasms- discouraging sharks and keeping your catch safe.





How It Works:

Once dropped off the back of your boat with the antenna attached, three-dimensional electrical fields are deployed (up to 15m deep and 6m wide), causing any nearby shark to experience muscle spasms (Note: this does not harm the shark, merely causing it a high-level of discomfort).

The FISH01 has had proven results, such as:

    • Preventing the majority of shark species from attacking hooked fish
    • A significant reduction in the number of incidents of predation
    • Improvements in the efficiency of operation
    • Resulting in less time spent at sea

Easy to deploy off the back of any vessel, the new FISH01 is based on the proven design of the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 dive product and provides a large and powerful protective area (of around 15m (49′) deep x 6m (19′) diameter) to keep your catch safe from sharks.




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