eFoilFly eFoils – The Neptun X

Test your limits and feel the freedom of flying with NeptunX. Designed by a team of airplane engineers, it gives the sensation of smooth gliding above water anytime and anywhere.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says
“I’m possible!”

Neptune x configuration Includes: Neptune X e-board, Neptune X carbon foil set 65cm. (85cm cruiser wing coming soon), Neptune X Mast, Neptune X hand controller, Charger, Extra grip pad, Leash, 2 x kill switch magnets and a 2 year warranty.

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    Length: 168cm / 66,14 inch
    Width: 62cm/24,80 inch
    Height: 12cm / 4,72 inch
    Weight: 16,45kg / 36,26 lbs
    Material: EPS foam, high quality carbon fiber, resin.


    Type: Lithium-ion
    Nominal capacity: 48 Ah
    Nominal voltage: 48V
    Charging time: less 2h
    Weight: 12,5kg


    Rated motor power: 3 kw / 12 kw
    Rated voltage: 48 V
    Rated current: 150 A
    Motor Speed (RPM): 6500 rpm


    Mast size: 80 cm / 31,50 inch
    Weight: 6,3 kg / 13,88 lbs
    Material: High quality carbon.


    Touch button
    Cruise control
    Battery time use


    Top speed: 45 Km
    Run time: 80* min.
    Charge time: 2h
    Total weight: 35,2 Kg



    Well-designed full carbon surfboard prepared exclusively for efoiling, NeptunX is definitely one of the most beautiful e-foil surfboard on the market. The aqua green bottom is decorated with white stripes and making it look tense and energetic, while the green/red LED power indicator gives it a cyber-punk hi-tech feel.

    1,68 x 63 x 12 cm (66.1×24,8×4.7inch)  in size with multiple layers of carbon fiberglass, weighing 16.45KG(36.3lbs), it surely is the most powerful beast that can handle heavy duty users!


    The 80cm mast is almost indestructible–made with over 40 layers of carbon fiber from Japan, it’s a combination of flexibility and toughness. An adult weighing 100kg standing, jumping on it while laying down can’t even make it deform, it can bounce back with ease. This results in the outstanding performance of the NeptunX when slicing through the water and makes it super easy to lift up in almost any condition. The strong mast also offers a stable environment for the motor attached on it, thus the motor will stay accord with the mast rather than shaking under turbulence.

    $1,699 AUD


    One-piece wing: Stability, weight and smoothness are the keys to saving electric power in a foiling session, we’re proud to say that our one piece wing is up to the job! Also made with 40+ layers of high quality carbon fiberglass, our wing reaches a limit of 1.4kg in weight. The integrated fuselage and front and rear wings offers max stability. The pointy nose of the wing allows easy break through among currents and the bat-shape rear area diffuses the bubbles, reducing 80% of the traction created by the subsequent turbulence.

    $1,699 AUD


    The wireless remote shows temperature, speed, life of the battery for both the remote itself and for the battery on the board. The touch button is easy to use and very sensitive. The paring button grants you to more advance settings such as speed limit, pairing and connecting the remote with the motor. Most importantly it’s water proof.

    $549 AUD


    Depending on the user’s weight, the wave condition and the speed to cruise, the life per charge of the NeptunX battery is up to 70 mins. It comes with a standard fast charge function, making the recharge of the battery as short as 2 hours. Over 200pcs of 18650 cells similar to the first generation of Tesla Model 3 guarantee the monstrous performance of the battery pack: 48V, 48A and 2.3KWh puts this battery number 1 in the whole market in capacity. With the compact design the battery is only 12.5kg. With the help of the patented BMS it’s also one of the safest batteries in the industry.

    $4,199 AUD


    The propeller is designed by an aerodynamic University doctor, specifically for NeptunX’s motor and battery and foil. The four-bladed propeller is found in no other competitors’ product in the whole market. Certain angle of the twist of the blades and the high quality stainless steel together with the cut edge building technology helps it to be the most efficient and power saving prop.


    eFoilFly has been trying to make things easy for users. The effort in the improvement of the connector is definitely one of them. Easy plugging and no need for recognizing cables really save up a lot of time. While others were trying to figure out which cable connects to where and having a hard time making connections in small room, NeptunX users would be flying hours ago!


    It is coming with different plugs to make sure different standards were to be met. The charger has a big power fan for safety. With its help the powerful NeptunX battery can be back to life from zero to full in lesss of 2 hours.

    $999 AUD


    $349 AUD


    The red cable is to be connected to the positive pole of the battery and the black one to the negative pole. There also is a data cable to collect battery info while running to monitor the battery life and send datas to remote controller. It also transfers battery safety datas and store them in the BMS inside the battery.


    The red cable is to be connected to the positive pole of the battery and the black one to the negative pole. There also is a data cable to collect battery info while charging. Datas are also transferred and stored in the BMS.

    Stainless steel Buckle

    The eFoilFly branded buckle is made of 316 stainless steel and anodized. The shining look will stays there always remain as new.

    Stainless steel hatch

    The hatches, hindges, together with screws and the many stainless steel parts are all made of 316 steel. It is the one steel you use to resist corrosion of the sea water. Tightly lock up with the buckle, the hatch is easy to operate and stays strong.